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Activists protest against illegal coal power plant in Romania

Comunicat de presă | septembrie 8, 2017 la 0:30

Mintia, Romania, 7 September 2017 -- 10 Greenpeace Romania activists today peacefully protested against the ongoing illegal operation of the Mintia coal power plant, in Hunedoara county, Western Romania.

Greenpeace launches the project „Green energy for a clean future” in Romanian coal town

Comunicat de presă | iunie 30, 2015 la 12:59

Greenpeace Romania launched today the solar project offered to the local school of the coal town in Rovinari. The event engaged the school students and the local community. The solar panels on the school rooftop are part of the Greenpeace...

Six environmental NGOs are contesting the Romanian state allocation of 3.3 million...

Comunicat de presă | iunie 18, 2015 la 14:28

Greenpeace Romania, Miningwatch, Terra Mileniul Trei, Bankwatch Romania, 2Celsius and Efectul Fluture asked today the Romanian Government to reject a decision projects.

Greenpeace activists protest against abusive expropriations for expansion of open-pit...

Comunicat de presă | aprilie 3, 2016 la 12:56

Greenpeace activists from 5 countries protested at the edge of an open-pit coal mine, located in Runcurel, Gorj county, Romania, against the abusive expropriations of more than 100 families.

Greenpeace report: Romania to spend up to 1.9 bln Euros to comply with emission...

Comunicat de presă | noiembrie 7, 2017 la 12:17

All coal power plants in Romania will need to be modernized in order to conform to the new, more restrictive emission standards, according to the Greenpeace report launched today. The total expenditure needed to conform the coal power plants in...

Raport - Europe’s Dark Cloud: How coal-burning countries make their neighbours sick

Publicație | iulie 4, 2016 la 14:25

Raport - Europe’s Dark Cloud: How coal-burning countries make their neighbours sick

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