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Report Assesses GAR’s Progress Towards Responsible Palm Oil

Press release - December 22, 2014
When Golden Agri-Resources (GAR) announced its ambitious Forest Conservation Policy (FCP) in early 2011, it aimed to position the company as an industry leader. GAR has collaborated with The Forest Trust to implement its FCP and to move towards responsible palm oil practices. Greenpeace has helped to develop the methodology used and to monitor progress.

To support transparency, the findings from Greenpeace’s assessment of GAR’s progress to date are presented in ‘Golden Agri Resources - A Progress Report’. 

After three and half years, the record in Indonesia and Liberia is mixed. Nonetheless, important progress has been made to end deforestation within GAR’s supply chain. As a result of the company’s policy, a method has been developed to identify forest for conservation. Known as the High Carbon Stock (HCS) Approach, this is now being adopted across the palm oil sector and beyond. However, GAR still has much work to do if it is to ensure that its palm oil is truly responsible. This must include urgent action to improve social performance – ensuring Free, Prior and Informed Consent (FPIC) and conflict resolution in dealings with local communities. There is also a need to make additional progress in the quality of HCV assessment, in transparency, and in the application of responsible practices across its supply chain.

 “GAR has played a pioneering role in developing a ‘No Deforestation’ policy. All the same, it still has much work to do in putting environmentally responsible palm oil practices into action. This isn’t only science and economics – the social aspect is crucial to the success of any conservation policy. GAR must therefore transform its relationship with local communities. Their rights and livelihoods have to be respected, as part of a process of incentives and partnerships intended to achieve the long-term conservation of HCS forests,” said Greenpeace Indonesia’s Bustar Maitar.

 “GAR should join other companies in pressing for the transformation of the industry through the introduction of appropriate legislation. Specifically, and in line with its recent KADIN pledge, GAR and the other signatories need to urge full legal protection for peatlands and HCS/HCV forests.”

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