Greenpeace Leader Meets Indonesia President to Support Indonesia’s Green Economy plans

Press release - June 7, 2012
Jakarta, 7 June 2012 -- Greenpeace International Executive Director Kumi Naidoo met Indonesia President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono in Jakarta today, to express Greenpeace’s support for the President’s commitment to cutting Indonesia’s greenhouse gas emissions by 26%, while growing the economy by 7% annually.

“Greenpeace had a cordial and constructive meeting with the President.  We remain committed to working with the Indonesian government to advance our joint goals of environmental protection and poverty alleviation,” said Naidoo.

“We hope that that this lays the foundation for continued engagement between the government, Greenpeace and others members of civil society to ensure that progress is made towards realizing President Yudhoyono’s vision for a green future for Indonesia.”

“Greenpeace supports the existing forest moratorium and in our meeting we called on the President to extend it, and ensure it delivers on its intention of protecting Indonesia’s forests and the people who depend on it for their survival,” said Naidoo.

 “I think it’s positive gesture by President SBY, who as the leader of one of the world’s largest democracies, has taken the time to engage with civil society and has demonstrated his commitment to making sure their voice is heard in ensuring a sustainable future for all Indonesians,” said Nur Hidayati, Greenpeace Indonesia country representative.

Greenpeace also congratulated the president on his appointment to the UN panel on the post 2015 development agenda after the Rio+20 Earth Summit.

“We welcome the leadership of President SBY in the next phase of the push for global development along a real green economic pathway,” said Hidayati.

During the meeting Greenpeace invited the president to visit the Rainbow Warrior which will be berthed in Rio de Janeiro during the Earth Summit later this month. The president also welcomed plans by the Rainbow Warrior to visit Indonesia next year.

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