Norwegian Funding Highlights Urgency - and Challenges - Facing Indonesian Peat Protection

Press release - February 4, 2016
Jakarta, 4 February 2016 -- Greenpeace Indonesia welcomes news that the Indonesia-Norway bilateral partnership on climate and forests will support the newly created Peatland Restoration Agency, and urges the government to set the Agency an ambitious timeline and empower it properly to get the job done.

“The Peatland Restoration Agency (BRG) must hit the ground running so Indonesia is prepared before the fire crisis returns this year. We welcome today’s joint Indonesia-Norway announcement, which means financial resources should be no barrier to reform. We are also pleased that Norway is emphasising the need for transparency and full participation of civil society in peat protection and restoration. However Greenpeace believes President Joko Widodo must revise the legal framework governing forests and peatlands to allow for protection and ensure companies are held accountable to restore damaged landscapes,” said Kiki Taufik, Greenpeace’s Global Lead for the Indonesia Forest Campaign.

Kiki also commented on the announcement that peat protection regulations would be revised and promulgated by mid-year:

“There’s no time to lose - June 1st is well into the dry season, far too distant a target for revised peat protection regulations. The Indonesia-Norway ‘results-based climate and forest partnership’ sets targets - let’s make sure they’re ambitious enough to save us from going through another season of forest and peatland fire hell.”

“President Jokowi showed much-needed vision with his One Map pledge, delivered during his election campaign and mentioned frequently since. However we don’t see the One Map initiative making much headway. Despite being overseen by the Coordinating Ministry for Economic Affairs, it has not been allocated the resources and attention it needs to progress.”

Media contacts:

Kiki Taufik, Greenpeace’s Global Lead for the Indonesia Forest Campaign, mob: +62 811 870 6074

Igor O'Neill, International Media for Greenpeace Indonesia Forest Campaign, mob +62 811 1923 721