Open Letter To Asia Pulp & Paper

Press release - May 27, 2015

Greenpeace has published an open letter to Mr. Teguh Ganda Wijaya, Chairman of the Asia Pulp & Paper Group (APP). The text of the letter is below.

Mr. Teguh Ganda Wijaya
Asia Pulp & Paper Group (APP)
27 May 2015

Dear Mr Wijaya:

Greenpeace Involvement in APP’s Forest Conservation Policy

It is almost three months since Mr Indra Pelani of Lubuk Mandarsah village in Tebo district, Jambi was found dead following an incident involving staff of the security firm contracted by PT Wira Karya Sakti (WKS), a supplier owned by APP. During this period, Greenpeace stepped back from our involvement with APP on the implementation of its Forest Conservation Policy (FCP) given the serious issues highlighted by this tragic case.

Following recent discussions with your senior team, Greenpeace has concluded we are ready to resume our involvement on the full scope of issues relating to the implementation of the FCP.

We have come to this decision because we have seen that APP and WKS have responded
quickly and decisively to Indra Pelani’s death. This includes taking responsibility for making amends for the actions of the security firm in addition to cancelling the firm’s contract. In addition, WKS has halted forestry operations in District 8 of the concession where Indra Pelani’s assault took place, to allow constructive dialogue with the local community to take place. Greenpeace urges WKS and APP to resolve the land conflict with the community of Lubuk Mandarsah as soon as possible. We believe APP has to do much more to reduce the possibility of such conflicts and violence occurring at APP’s operations elsewhere in Indonesia. We urge APP to commission a full security review as a priority. It also needs to address the broader issues behind such conflicts, including land disputes, third-party clearance and illegal logging, as well as achieving forest conservation with support from local communities.

We note the following positive steps following Indra Pelani’s death:

• WKS and APP have cooperated with the police investigation and the National Human
Rights Commission (Komnas HAM).
• WKS and APP took part in a traditional event with the Lubuk Mandarsah community to mark
the 40th day following Indra Pelani’s death.
• WKS and APP paid the traditional fine to the community of Lubuk Mandarsah during a
restorative justice ceremony held on May 23rd 2015. We note that this event, which
Greenpeace attended as observers along with other local NGOs, was not a substitute for
the ongoing law enforcement process. It shows the willingness of the community of Lubuk
Mandarsah, APP and WKS to seek amicable solutions for the underlying land dispute in
ways that are meaningful for all.
• APP has provided a cash payment to Indra Pelani’s family and given a commitment to
support his younger sister’s education to university level.
• APP has provided assurances that social conflict mapping is underway across all
operations and that a new social conflict resolution team has been set up by Sinar Mas
• APP is in the process of determining the scope of a comprehensive security review to be
carried out by third-party consultants, and has agreed that security reforms will be
incorporated into its ‘FCP Implementation Plan 2015 and Beyond’.

As we all recognise, this is just the beginning of the process of change. Once all the relevant investigations related to Indra Pelani’s case have been completed, APP will need to show new commitment and resolve to improve relationships with communities and implement responsible security management across its entire operations. This includes drawing lessons from the conclusions of the independent investigation by the National Commission on Human Rights, the police criminal investigation, APP’s own internal investigations and the CSO-led investigation.

For our part, Greenpeace’s involvement enables us to assist and influence APP’s work on other important areas where we expect to see substantial progress over the coming months relating to APP’s FCP. These include:

a) Implementation of its ‘FCP Implementation Plan 2015 and Beyond.’
b) Development and implementation of its Integrated Sustainable Forest Management
Plans (ISFMP), including protection of areas identified as HCS.
c) Implementation of recommendations from the Peat Expert Team.
d) Development and implementation of measures to address deforestation by third parties
and other actors.
e) Development and implementation of its landscape forest protection and restoration

We look forward to your continued leadership with these initiatives to work towards zero
deforestation in Indonesia within and beyond your supply chains. We hope you will use your influence not only to drive forward successful implementation of your commitments, but also to push for broader political and industry change within Indonesia.

We look forward to resuming our constructive involvement with APP.

Best regards,


Bustar Maitar
Global Head of Indonesia Forest Campaign
Greenpeace SEA Indonesia
Mega Plaza Building 5th Floor, Jl. HR. Rasuna Said Kav. C3 Jakarta 12920
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