Update on Tebo District Incident

Press release - May 25, 2015
Three months has elapsed since Mr Indra Pelani of Lubuk Mandarsyah village in Tebo district, Jambi was found dead following an incident involving a security firm contracted by Wira Karya Sakti (WKS), a company owned by Asia Pulp & Paper (APP). During this period, Greenpeace has stepped back from other engagement with APP’s Forest Conservation Policy to focus on addressing the serious issues highlighted by Indra’s case.

On Saturday 23 May 2015 Greenpeace along with other local NGOs attended, as observers, a restorative justice ceremony in which APP/WKS presented Indra’s family with items required by tradition as a penalty for Indra’s killing. This ceremony was in no way intended as a substitute for the ongoing law enforcement process, but its successful conduct was possible because of the willingness of both the community of Lubuk Mandarsyah and APP to move on to find a solution for the underlying land dispute.

Greenpeace believes that APP is dealing with Indra’s case seriously, and continues to monitor the company’s progress on improving its social engagement and security arrangements.