Withdrawing from APRIL’s Stakeholder Advisory Committee

Press release - December 8, 2016
Jakarta, 8 December 2016 -- Rusmadya Maharuddin, forest campaigner for Greenpeace Indonesia said today that Greenpeace has suspended its engagement with APRIL’s Stakeholder Advisory Committee (SAC) with immediate effect.

APRIL has repeatedly and consistently misled SAC and its independent peat expert working group regarding the continued construction of canals in its concession areas in Pulau Padang. If the company cannot be trusted to provide accurate, clear and trustworthy information regarding its operations then there is simply no point in continuing to engage with it at this time.

For more than a year Greenpeace has tried to work constructively with APRIL and parent company RGE. We have observed however that a fundamental cultural shift is required on issues like transparency and consistent follow up on all sustainability commitments. At this time the group simply cannot be trusted to deliver on its commitments.


Rusmadya Maharuddin: Forest campaigner for Greenpeace Indonesia, 081365422373