Regional Research and Investigations Coordinator

Job - March 14, 2019
The Regional Research and Investigations Coordinator is responsible for furthering Greenpeace South East Asia’s (GPSEA) programme objectives through capacity building, implementation of best practice, advice on strategic use of various types of research and investigations as well as development and guidance of high quality research and investigation projects. They will also contribute to the development of the Projects, Actions and Public Engagement Units' tactical and strategic capabilities specifically on research and investigations.

The Regional Research and Investigations Coordinator is a member of GPSEA strategy and analysis team and reports to the Strategy and Analysis Director.

This is a full-time position for locals based in either Bangkok, Jakarta, Kuala Lumpur or Manila. For non-nationals, this is fixed-term contract (minimum of 2 years) based in Kuala Lumpur or Jakarta, subject for visa immigration approval.


Key Duties

  1. Develop Regional Information Acquisition Systems

    In collaboration with GPSEA’s Strategy and Analysis Team and Actions and Investigation Unit, the Regional Research and Investigations Coordinator develops and maintains systems, standards, and protocols for knowledge management on field research and investigation. Monitor, capture, filter, and organise information and intelligence into databases, briefs, and reports to ensure that strategic information is available for Greenpeace’s campaigns. Develop and manage a database of intelligence and investigations on companies, other organisations, and individual, while taking into consideration legal constraints.

  2. Coordinate Regional Information Acquisition and Research and Investigation Project Management

    Lead and develop the management of multiple field research and investigations projects in Southeast Asia region with other units, including the identification of field research and investigations needs and development of Terms of Reference in line with Greenpeace best practice standards.  Hire, select, train, and manage freelance researchers, as well as oversee respective deliverables for quality control, while ensuring that spending remains within budget. This post ensures that field researches and investigations conducted are timely, are politically and socially relevant, and contributes to regional and global campaign deliverables and objectives across campaign issue areas.

  3. Conduct research projects in alignment with Programme priorities

    The Regional Research and Investigations Coordinator is responsible for the identification of information gaps and research needs for the purpose of campaign development to achieve campaign objectives. The post develops and implements effective field investigations projects to help achieve campaign goals and lead the development of campaign documents. To ensure research needs are adequately identified and efficiently delivered, the post requires liaison with Greenpeace International (GPI) Legal and Science Units, project teams, and global basket teams, and ensure to:

    • Support, coordinate, conduct or advise on investigation projects as determined by the Greenpeace South East Asia campaign programme priorities.

    • Propose and implement best practice in investigations in GPSEA according to the internationally recognized standards or according to the GPI best practice guidelines for investigations

    • Work with the actions unit to undertake, and where appropriate coordinate, research and investigations for actions targets as determined by the programme priorities.
    • Coordinate working relationships between the investigations team and other programme disciplines.

    • Assess and recommend subscriptions to databases and tools (such as software or other types of platforms) related to investigation needs
    • Coordinate when required with the Development Department on grant requests for research-related funding

    • Liaise with the legal counsel for the legal and /or juridical aspects of the investigation projects
    • Coordinate the research and development of new and innovative research tools and techniques

    • Ensure all investigation projects meet ‘ best practice’ standards
    • Ensure field investigations and research priorities align with GPSEA organizational strategic plan

  4. External Networks and Representation

    Build and maintain a network of external contacts, specialists, and sources throughout the region to assist with research and investigative projects.

  5. Publications

    In line with campaign and project objectives across campaign issue areas, lead and coordinate the production of publications, and briefings for internal and external audiences while ensuring Greenpeace best practice is followed.

  6. Programme Planning

    Lead and develop campaign research needs and opportunities within the program planning and implementation process and advise the Programme Director and Programme Director’s Team on new developments in specific issues to inform campaign decisions, and contribute to development of campaign strategies across campaign issue areas.

  7. Risk Analysis and Management

    Ensures that all research and investigation projects are assessed for potential health and safety risks, and where necessary, develop appropriate security management and mitigation plans signed off by Regional Actions Manager and Regional Security Manager. Risk assessments would have to be undertaken and security management plans are developed for “high risk field projects. In some cases, the Regional Research and Investigations Coordinator shall also take part in the Crisis Response Team and manage rapid response research projects, as directed by Strategy and Analysis Director, including project budget management.

  8. Contribute to capacity building in GPSEA

    Lead the development of investigative techniques, skills, and capacity with Southeast Asia and coordinate the dissemination of new and innovative research tools and techniques in the region. The post provides day-to-day advice to campaign and project teams on research investigation techniques and tactics and supervise, train, and mentor researchers and other campaign staff involved with research projects. Contributes to capacity building in Southeast Asia through trainings, webines, skillshares, and workshops, and acts as lead trainer in the programme, and ensures that research and investigative skills are included in GPSEA training programmes.

Educational Background & Fundamental Qualifications

Level of Education:     

  • Degree or equivalent experience in the fields of Environmental Policy or Science, Environmental Studies, Journalism, Law, Business Administration or other research/investigative fields
  • Master’s degree (preferred)

Work Experience:       

3-5 years or more in research / investigation related work

Competencies and Skills

  • Diverse research skills and experience - both desk based and field work, preferably in Southeast Asia and/or in heightened security situations
  • Experience managing or team leading research projects

  • Experience in utilizing a range of research methodologies
  • Strong communication skills - ability to communicate effectively and appropriately with a wide range of people both verbally and in writing; public speaking skills; online communications experience,  ability to make effective presentations in remote, diverse and multi-cultural environments.

  • Experience using strategic research for campaign objectives and problem solving – demonstrated ability to think both strategically and creatively
  • Understanding of security, information security, health and safety issues related to field research work

  • Strong logistical organizing and planning skills
  • Experience in development of information management systems

  • Ability to work effectively in a team environment across different cultures
  • High level of computer literacy.

  • Ability to be self directed and to work well under pressure
  • Ability to travel and spend long periods away from home

  • Commit to the ideals of Greenpeace including a global perspective
  • Understanding of environmental and peace issues

  • Fluency in English, with ability to communicate in another SEA regional languages desirable.

Application Guidelines

Interested candidates are invited to write a Letter of Introduction, explaining why you are qualified for the position and why you want to work for Greenpeace, fill out the Application Form below and email to: 

Deadline for Applications: April 14, 2019

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