'Act for Arctic' Ice Ride in Thailand

Photo | December 27, 2014

Over 1200 people took to the streets in Phitsanulok in a ride, led by Phitsanulok bike club, Greenpeace supporters, and the Climate Action Network (CAN) Thailand. The group stretched for 30 kilometers and along the way, bikers stopped at Naraesuan Bridge to unveil a 12 x 2.2-metre banner. Boonsong Tanthani, the mayor of the province, also provided support for the event in his opening address. Thousands of people take to the streets in more than 30 countries across the globe to celebrate the Arctic and demand protection for this unique region of the world. The global public manifestation ‘Ice Ride’ is facilitated by Greenpeace and led forward by volunteers and partnering organisations. It comes just weeks after a global opinion poll revealed the vast majority in 30 countries on six continents support the idea of an Arctic Sanctuary in the international waters around the North Pole and wants the entire Arctic Ocean protected from oil drilling and destructive fishing.