Facebook "Unfriend Coal" TV ad

Video | March 29, 2011

Just as Facebook has revolutionized the way the world communicates, so it can revolutionize the IT sector's current reliance on coal. Facebook's reputation for innovation means that wherever it goes, other IT companies will follow.

With Facebook's two new massive new data centresdue to be switched on soon, each of which uses enough power to light up tens of thousands of homes, there’s never been a better time for Facebook to unfriend coal and choose the renewable energy future.

Countdown to Earth Day, April 22:

We've challenged Facebook to pledge to go green by Earth Day. With less than 25 days to go, will Facebook step up? To keep the pressure on, we need your help to make sure that as many people as possible watch and share this video.

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If you have a blog or website, you could help by linking to the Facebook TV Ad video with the link text just as I have done in this sentence. Please use "Facebook TV Ad" as the link text, in a sentence about Facebook's coal problem. If enough websites participate, our video will soon be the first thing that people find when searching the web for, well, a Facebook TV ad.

Let's get Facebook to run on clean, safe, renewable energy!

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jrdl30 says:

Thanks for Greenpeace support and help save our mother earth! (=^_^=)v


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