Turn the Tide: Greenpeace flagship Rainbow Warrior to visit Indonesia

Feature story - October 11, 2010
Jakarta - Greenpeace today called on the Indonesian government to Turn the Tide of converging environmental and humanitarian crises by adopting a green development pathway to address the impacts of climate change and to help the country progress and prosper without damaging its rich natural heritage.

The environment group made the call as they announced the visit of the Rainbow Warrior to Indonesia.  The ship is in the region for the “Turn the Tide tour of Southeast Asia” and is set to dock on Wednesday, October 14, at Jakarta’s Tanjung Priok port.

Hutan Indonesia

“The Turn the Tide Tour of the Rainbow Warrior brings a message of hope and is a call to action for all ASEAN governments.  Southeast Asia is one of the most vulnerable and least prepared regions to cope with the impacts of climate change.  But the solutions are in our hands.  Indonesia is leading the region and the world in commitments to reduce climate causing carbon emissions. The next step is to ensure our country follows a green and sustainable pathway for development for the sake of future generations,” Said Nur Hidayati , Indonesia Country Representative of Greenpeace Southeast Asia.

“Stopping deforestation is the quickest and the most effective way to reduce global carbon emissions while ensuring the safety and future of thousands of species including millions of people in our country, the region, and the world.  Together with a massive uptake of renewable energy combined with energy efficiency measures, Indonesia can leapfrog ahead of other developing nations in meeting development and energy demands with little or no negative impact on climate and local communities,” she added.

The Rainbow Warrior arrives in Indonesia after three weeks of working with grassroots environmental movements in Thailand.  Greenpeace joined communities in Thai provinces in their call for renewable energy solutions and their demand for a model of development that values human lives and livelihoods, as well as the natural ecosystems on which these depend.  The Tour marks 10 years of Greenpeace Southeast Asia campaigns to protect forests, catalyze an Energy Revolution, promote sustainable agriculture, and stop water pollution in the region.

Indonesia is home to the world’s third largest tropical forest and ranks second in the world in terms of biodiversity and number of endemic species.  Experts recognize that the country’s forests are a key to stabilizing the world’s climate.

The Rainbow Warrior’s  two-and-a-half month voyage across Southeast Asia to promote a green and peaceful future began in Thailand on September 17, 2010 and will conclude in the Philippines on November 30. The ship’s fourth visit to the region coincides with the 10th year anniversary of Greenpeace’s official presence in Southeast Asia — as well as the Rainbow Warrior’s first ever tour of the region, the ‘Toxics-Free Asia Tour’ in 2000. Follow the Tour on www.greenpeace.org/seasia.