How your donation will make a difference

Page - July 9, 2010
At 52 years of age the current Rainbow Warrior needs to be replaced. We've raised some of the funds already, but we still need to raise much more to finish building the new Rainbow Warrior.

The world’s first ever purpose-built environmental campaigning vessel, the new Rainbow Warrior will enable us to take action more often, more effectively and in more places around the world than ever before.

3D artists impression of the new Rainbow Warrior

Your donation is urgently needed so she can be ready by October 2011 to take action at the front line of environmental crime. When she sets sail she will:

  • Take action to stop climate change – now in the Gulf of Mexico at the scene of the world’s worst oil spill, she will continue to draw attention to the desperate need for a renewable energy revolution.
  • Defend our forests – she will track illegal shipments of timber, collecting the evidence needed to prosecute rogue companies and bring about tougher government regulations.
  • Protect our oceans - her helicopter carrying facilities will enable us to spot illegal fishing operations from miles bring the criminals to justice. She will continue her campaign for marine reserves to protect fish stocks.
  • Eliminate toxic chemicals - by tracking illegal and dangerous shipments of toxins around the world she highlights the need for cleaner solutions.
  • Promote agriculture that’s good for the planet and for people – she will take action to block ports containing shipments of genetically modified food and highlight how the chemical industry is taking over the food industry to maximise their profit with no guarantee of protecting your family’s long-term health.
  • End the nuclear age – she’s helped to ban nuclear testing in the Pacific and the dumping of nuclear waste at sea. Now she’ll play a part in stopping the construction of new nuclear power plants. Nuclear plants produce ever more highly toxic nuclear waste and with no known safe disposal, the need to rid the planet of nuclear energy is greater than ever.

Please donate now and help the new Rainbow Warrior take action to protect our planet.