I am a supporter of any activity for a good cause. When I heard that Greenpeace Philippines needs fund to support their campaigns and admin expenses, I volunteered to help raise funds through my love for the art.

I have experienced on art exhibitions and competitions since my OFW days some 20 years ago in Saudi Arabia where I was working for Saudi Aramco. When I got back from abroad, I continued supporting local artists by means of sponsorship and active participation in art exhibitions on various occasions. One good example was when I chaired the fundraising activity of Circle of Friends Foundation, Inc. (COFFI), a group of expats helping our less fortunate friends on wheel chairs.

It was not difficult for me to contact my artist friends who are willing to help out again for this activity we are planning, and share their time and artistic talent to support Greenpeace and its environmental campaigns. Our fundraising activity for Greenpeace is entitled “HeART for Nature: An On-the-Spot Painting and Exhibit of Notable Artists”.

At first, we had difficulty in having a venue and determining a specific date because of some limitations in venue sponsorship and the number of art sponsors. But because we are doing it for a good cause, we were blessed with a good venue. Greenpeace was invited to participate in the Nuvali I Earth celebration from May 14-29, 2011, and our fundraising activity was referred to the organizers of the event. Their theme was a perfect match to our fundraising theme on raising awareness and protection of our mother Earth.

Our “HeART for Nature” fundraising activity was held last May 14-15, 2011 at Nuvali, Sta. Rosa, Laguna. The artists exhibited their art works related to nature and our environment. As expected, there were many art enthusiasts who visited our booth. There were an on-the-spot painting and about 80 art works on display. On the second day of the exhibit, the artists gave free art lessons for the kids. It was a great display of interest by the kids on the art of drawing and coloring.

We targeted to raise as much as P100,000 for Greenpeace, although we didn’t achieve this, we were still able to raise a huge amount, P67,500 to be exact. Most of all, everyone who participated, including the artists, art enthusiasts, and the event organizers enjoyed the event. There were more great stories and experiences to remember.

If given the chance to do this activity again, I am very much willing to call on my artist friends and organize another fundraising activity for Greenpeace. Next time with better target through proper project timing, planning, and marketing.

I’d like to give my great appreciation and thank you to the artists who participated and donated artworks for Greenpeace and share 30% of the proceeds from their art sale. They were Domeng Labordo, Alona Galeria, Bong Villalobos, Ninoy Lomboy and Jake Catah. I would also like to thank Nuvali I Earth organizers who provided the venue, accommodation and transportation for the artists.