Happy holidays. Season’s greetings. Merry Christmas.

It all seems pretty much the same as this holiday season is about celebrating life and the hope that it brings when people take it upon themselves to do something out of the life-changing and the unexpected –pretty much like that thing that happened a long, long time ago in Bethlehem...

Here at Greenpeace, this season reminds us of the hope that comes when people take it upon themselves to act on what is right for the planet. This year is a celebration of that collective strength and the gains and painstaking victories that we have won are but testaments to that promise that the world must change and that it can change if we only get our acts together and seize opportunities for improvement in existing policies and business practices which takes the side of the planet.

These are just some of the important milestones that we were able to acheive this year thanks to you:

Truly we have a lot to be thankful for simply because we were not able to do this on our own. We were able to do much because of the many who have supported our work through their financial resources, with their time in volunteering as well as to those countless nameless folks who have chosen to take action in cyberspace. We are a step closer to our vision because of you and this holiday season is a opportune time to celebrate our collective victories for the planet.

Thank you for making this year memorable for Greenpeace Southeast Asia.