Brand new 'Shoppers' Guide' , Say No to GMO

Feature story - May 6, 2002
Greenpeace Southeast Asia in Bangkok, Thailand launched the Shoppers' Guide for consumers to help the Thai people exercise their right to avoid and refuse GMO foods and say no to GMOs

Thai consumers now seem to have more in-depth knowledge on GMOs and want to make their voices heard after several rounds of testing results conducted by Greenpeace exposed the widespread presence of GMOs in food products eaten by Thai consumers.

Activities took place at Sang Arun Public Library, Sathorn Soi 10 where the public received the shoppers' guide as well as an invitation to be a part of the project called 'Thai People Say No to GMO'. As a member of this project they will receive regular updates from Greenpeace's GMO campaign. There were various activities like T- shirt painting and signing on the banner 'Thai People say no to GMOs'. The banner will be given to the Minister of Public health to call for a more strict and stronger Labeling law in Thailand. A popular Thai alternative band contributed their music to the event.

The over 100 people who participated in this event came not only to pick up the shopper's guide but also to participate in the discussion on 'How to stay away from GMOs in your daily eating' Greenpeace campaigners, Charoen Kumpeeraphab - law professor from Chulalongkorn University and Pichai Towiwit from the Thailand Vegetarian Club were on the discussion panel.

The right to know and the right to choose non-GMO products are the main concepts of the Greenpeace Shoppers Guide launch. The guide contains a green, grey and black list which are arranged according to company policies. Companies who have announced GMO free policy in their written statements to Greenpeace and their products are tested GMO negative are included in the green list. The grey list contains products that the companies have announced That they are in the process of phasing out GMO ingredients in their products but not 100% completed yet. Products in the black list belong to the companies who have not declared GMO free policy in the writing or the companies that have a policy to continue using GMO ingredients.

This first edition of the published shoppers' guide is based on the information received from the companies on April 24, 2002. Grreenpeace will keep monitoring the companies's policies and testing products in the market for GMO contamination and update the information to public regularly.

Greenpeace has also set up a GMO-FREE Hotline (tel + 662 616 - 8170) for inquiries and to ensure that people voices are heard.

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