"Virtual March" launched against sea-polluting Australian mining firm

Feature story - August 11, 2006
The conclusion of Lafayette’s 30-day mock test run signals the dawn of an impending oceans catastrophe. In response, Greenpeace has launched a "virtual march" against Lafayette's mining operations which has caused toxic pollution in the rich marine ecosystem of Rapu-Rapu Island in the Philippines.

Screen shot of the "Stop the Mine! Save our Seas! website.

People around the world can now voice their opposition against the ongoing pollution by logging on to www.greenpeace.org.ph and by clicking the banner that says "Stop the Mine, Save our Seas". At the virtual march page, people can send photos to join the online protest and sign a cyber-petition to stop the mine from further inflicting damage to an area known as feeding grounds of the whale shark, is home to five of the seven known marine turtles in the world, and is an exceptionally rich fishing ground.

Cyberactivism as a tool

A straightforward definition would characterize cyberactivism as the process of using technology, generally the Internet, to participate in a protest or to send a concentrated message to a large audience.

Unhindered by geographical constraints and independent of media interests, cyberactivism erodes boundaries between local, national and global communities, bringing new political arenas to the public.

For an organization that has always championed the power of individuals to effect change, cyberactivism is a natural extension of Greenpeace's campaign work.

Communities in cyberspace provide a powerful help for Greenpeace in its mission is to protect the environment. Greenpeace cyber-activists, who number in hundreds of thousands, helped foster positive changes in international regulations and forced companies to withdraw from environmentally-damaging practices. By empowering the online community to act against environmental abuses, Greenpeace was able to deliver several victories for the environment.

Here is a list of recent environmental victories with the help of cyber-activists:


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