Greenpeace urges the Government to legitimize the labelling rule

Feature story - March 20, 2002
Greenpeace volunteers labeled "Beware! GMO Products" on food products latest found with GMO contamination, to urge the Ministry of Health the most beneficial labeling for consumers after the Government broke its promise to implement the law by the end of 2001.

At Carrefour Supermarket, Rama IV branch, Greenpeace Southeast Asia and volunteers pasted luminous green labels "Beware! GMO Products" on food products found with GMO (Genetically Modified Organism) contamination in order to inform Thai consumers about the latest food products containing GMO ingredients, and to urge the Government to strictly issue laws regarding labelling genetic modified foods to protect consumers' right.

Greenpeace also distributed pamphlets "Ways to avoid GMO foods" and leaflets "What a good label is like" to the public in front of the supermarket. In addition, the public was invited to paste the labels on food products latest found to be contaminated with GMOs.

According to the test of 39 product sampled by the Hong Kong DNA Chips, a laboratory accepted worldwide for its reliability, the results showed that 6 products were contaminated by GMO ingredients, namely NESTLE cerelac mixed fruit, GERBER rice with chicken, KNORR cream of corn soup, CALBEE spicy flavour, MCGARRET complete instant mashed potatoes and C.P. frankfurter sausage. This is the 4th test initiated by Greenpeace and all tests show that about 20% of the products tested contained GMO ingredients. GMO foods thus widely available in the market, while there is no proof for safe consumption. Therefore, the Government must fast track the process to issue laws concerning labeling to protect consumers' right.

In addition, it is very important that supermarkets select the best products to customers, and should act as information sources for its consumers' benefits. As the head office of Carrefour, France, had declared policy of not selling GMO contained food products and to promote local organic foods, Greenpeace requested Carrefour to apply the same standard in Thailand.