Mr. President please commit to a 50% Renewable Energy roadmap by 2020!

Page - November 22, 2010
President Noynoy, I want you to commit to a 50% renewable energy by 2020 road map for the Philippines thus leaving a legacy of safe, prosperous and clean future for the Filipino people.

The Energy Revolution will transform how we use energy today. It’s a switch to safe, affordable renewable energy such as solar and wind power from dirty, deadly fuels such as coal, oil and nuclear energy. It is also a tangible solution to climate change, the greatest threat that mankind faces today. It is a win-win choice for the Filipinos, which is sadly living in a region dubbed as most vulnerable and least prepared to face climate impacts.

We believe this will not be a difficult task for you since you know of the importance of leaving a good legacy as your parents left behind a precious inheritance: a legacy of freedom that the Philippines came to share with oppressed peoples around the world. What could be a more fitting legacy than taking the lead in the Energy [R]evolution?

A perfect opportunity for you to put the nation on a 50% renewable energy by 2020 road map would be at the 10th year celebration of Greenpeace Southeast Asia this November 27. Ten years of Greenpeace campaigning in the Philippines characterized by peaceful and creative action is paving the way for necessary solutions to major environmental challenges we face today.

President Noynoy, the world needs action, not talk in the fight against climate change. I believe that the Philippines with your political will, can lead the way.

Thank you very much and we'll see you on November 27!

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