Choose the Energy [R]evolution

Page - April 7, 2011
A world powered by 100% renewable energy is possible! Whether you have one minute, one day or a full week available to help the energy [r]evolution, we have something for you to do.

If you have one minute...

Take action for clean energy and a safe climate!

If you have one day...

Make simple changes in your daily life. It won't cost you much, but will go a long way!

Save Energy

Many household appliances consume much more energy than necessary – even when switched off. By buying better and following a few simple tips, you can decrease both your household’s energy bill and its climate footprint.

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Climate friendly transportation

Travel sees our personal carbon footprints vary hugely from one person to the next. While some drive around in massive SUVs and fly away for their holidays, others take the bus and holiday locally. These are big differences in behavior patterns, but the energy saving potential is just as big.

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Less is more

By managing time and resources more conscientiously, we can leave a far smaller ‘ecological footprint’ and live far happier lives.

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Cool and smart living

It makes much better use of the natural environment for heating and cooling while being conscious of its energy consumption. The same principles apply whether people live in a hot or cold climate, a house or an apartment.

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If you have one week...

Spread the word by becoming an energy [r]evolution presenter.

The Energy [R]evolution presentation is simply a slideshow that you can use to spread the word. It outlines the core points of the Energy [R]evolution report, and guides you with a script as you outline these yourself to your audience. You can present it to anyone - your friends, families, colleagues, faith group - and become an ambassador for us.

Download the presentation:

>> Powerpoint format.

>> Open Office format

Download the supporting documents:

>> Presenter support kit

>> Suggested script

>> The full Energy [R]evolution report (260 pages)

Download the posters

>> The safe and smart choice

>> The future of the global power supply

>> Power to two billion people

>> I want an Energy [R]evolution

>> 8.5 million jobs