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You experienced it yourself, the thick haze has started covering the majority of Malaysia, Singapore, and Indonesia bringing public health emergency across South-east Asia region.

Fires in Riau province, on western Sumatra island, caused the worst outbreak of haze in Southeast Asia for more than a decade in June 2013, affecting daily life for millions.

And now, with June being the start of the forest fire season - when slash-and-burn techniques are used to clear land quickly and cheaply, often for palm oil plantations – Greenpeace is currently analysing satellite images and monitoring the ground for the impacts.

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Protecting all peatland and forests is the best long-term solution we have to stop the fires and avoiding a public health disaster in the future.

While the efforts are ongoing to push the Indonesian government to enact comprehensive action to tackle the fires at their root, Greenpeace is currently busy analyzing satellite images and monitoring the ground on Haze Wave as the fire season reaching its peak.

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