A green ship for a green planet

Page - July 9, 2010
The Rainbow Warrior will be one of a kind. As the world's first purpose-built environmental campaigning vessel ever created, she will enable us to take action more often, more effectively and in more places around the world than ever before.

3D artist impression of the new Rainbow Warrior

The new Rainbow Warrior will be:

  • purpose built to the highest environmental standards, primarily using wind power instead of fossil fuels
  • custom-designed to campaign, educate and take action both at sea and in harbour
  • able to transmit compelling images of environmental injustice to the world’s media in minutes

Now, we need your help to cover the costs of building the new ship. Please donate today.

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The new Rainbow Warrior will be all of these things and more:


  • Every aspect of the design and build has been done to make the ship as clean and green as possible
  • Rainbow Warrior III will sail under wind power, but electric diesel engines are available when needed
  • Heat from the engine and generators will be recycled to heat cabins and provide hot water
  • A greywater system will be used on board
  • Constructed to operate anywhere in the world outside the polar regions

Activist and analyst

  • Cranes at the front and back of the ship will enable her to carry specialist scientific equipment up to 8 tonnes in weight
  • Flexible space means scientists can conduct analysis on the ship rather than waiting ‘til they return to shore
  • Illegal fishing vessels can be spotted up to 15 miles away from the 50metre crows nest
  • With a top speed of 15 knots she can keep up with industrial vessels
  • Special winces called ‘Davits’ mean the ships three inflatables can be deployed in minutes, with the crew onboard, even with 3.5 metre high waves.

Communications hub

  • An onboard satellite communications system gives 24/7/365 broadband access anywhere in the world, letting the ship stream live footage from actions or interviews with campaigners direct to the world’s media.
  • A secure radio room and onboard server room sit behind steel bulkheads meaning we can keep transmitting even if the ship is boarded
  • Dedicated press conference room – a welcome change from hosting conferences in the rain or in the cramped small gallery
  • Helicopter landing pad and storage bay give us an eye in the sky, letting us document activities from the air

Home away from home

  • On board medical facilities mean the crew will be well looked-after anywhere in the world
  • A well equipped galley and an onboard freezer big enough to hold 14000 litres of ice-cream

Giant of the oceans

  • Rainbow Warrior III will be 58 metres long, 11 metres wide, and the masts will be over 50metres high – that’s the length of two blue whales.
  • She’ll weigh 838 tonnes – about the same as 230 elephants