Are you ready to make a difference?

10 things you can do now!

Page - September 12, 2010
  1. Donate to Greenpeace.  Our work is supported by individuals, not corporations or governments.  Perhaps one of the easiest ways you can be part of our work for the environment is to support us financially.  Join us and Turn the Tide!

  2. Be a Greenpeace cyberactivist.  Do you know that online petitions and social media get results?  That’s how Greenpeace got big corporations, like Nestlé, to stop buying products from forest destroyers.   

  3. Become a Greenpeace volunteer.  Greenpeace works with thousands of dedicated, smart volunteers who form the backbone of our campaigns. 

  4. Be more informed.  Experts say the more you know about climate change, the more you will want to do something about it.  

  5. Start with yourself.  Check your own home and your habits and see what you can start changing.

  6. Save energy.  You reduce your carbon footprint when you use energy saving light bulbs and when you switch off your lights and unplug your appliances when not in use.

  7. Conserve water.  When you use water wisely, you preserve drinking water supplies, and you save energy too!

  8. Reduce your waste.  Avoid making more garbage by buying less, avoiding disposable products, and refusing plastic bags and styrofoam packaging

  9. Be part of the movement.  Get committed to protecting the climate by joining an initiative or a movement that promotes climate change solutions.

  10. Spread the word.  Tell  your family, your friends, your office mates, your boss, your classmates and so on about how they too can make a difference.  Give this brochure away (or its e-copy) and share these 10 tips!