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Global Wind Energy Outlook

Dokument | 20 oktober, 2006 på 13:11

One third of the world’s electricity can be supplied by wind; 113 billion tonnes of CO2 saved by 2050

Vi anmäler Vattenfall

Dokument | 25 september, 2006 på 15:18

Brev till marknadsdomstolen beträffande anmälan av Vattenfall för vilseledande marknadsföring.

Solar Generation - 3rd Edition

Dokument | 6 september, 2006 på 0:00

Solar power can deliver electricity to more than 2 billion people, provide over 2 million jobs with an annual investment of 113 billion Euros by 2025, reveals the joint report, ‘SolarGeneration’, released by Greenpeace International and the...

Eating Up The Amazon

Dokument | 6 april, 2006 på 0:00

In this report we illustrate the soya crisis through the example of two key global players: Cargill (possibly the largest private company in the world) in the Amazon and McDonald’s (the largest fast food company in the world) in Europe. We...

Windforce 12 2005

Dokument | 30 juni, 2005 på 0:00

Windforce 12 describes how 12 percent of the world's electricity can be supplied by wind and 11 billion tonnes of CO2 can be saved by 2020.

Whose Power Is IT Anyway- A Report on European Energy Suppliers

Dokument | 27 april, 2005 på 0:00

Every day we damage our climate by using fossil fuels (oil, coal and gas) for energy and transport. Climate change impacts our lives and is expected to destroy many natural environments in the coming years. Just ten big power companies control...

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