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SHARING THE BLAME: Global Consumption and China’s Role in Ancient Forest Destruction

Dokument | 28 mars, 2006 på 0:00

China’s hunger for wood consumption is reshaping the global wood market and trade. In less than 10 years unprecedented economic growth, coupled with a shortage of domestic forest resources, has driven China to become the world’s largest importer...

FLEGT: Industry Statement

Dokument | 29 mars, 2005 på 0:00

Common European rules for fair competition and sustainable markets.

Eating Up The Amazon

Dokument | 6 april, 2006 på 0:00

In this report we illustrate the soya crisis through the example of two key global players: Cargill (possibly the largest private company in the world) in the Amazon and McDonald’s (the largest fast food company in the world) in Europe. We...

Lawless: How Europe’s Borders Remain Open To Trade In Illegal Timber

Dokument | 19 oktober, 2005 på 0:00

A staggering 80 percent of the world’s ancient forests have already been destroyed or degraded and much of what remains is under threat from illegal and destructive logging. The Member States of the European Union (EU) play a key role in fuelling...

Amazon Cattle Footprint, Mato Grosso: State of Destruction

Dokument | 29 januari, 2009 på 0:00

Boskapsuppfödning hotar Amazonas

G8 and Climate Change - Whats the Story?

Dokument | 8 juli, 2008 på 0:00

Climate change is the greatest threat humanity faces, and has mainly been caused by G8 countries: Over 80 percent of the emissions in the atmosphere today have been produced by the G8. These countries still emit more than 40 percent of global CO2...

G8 and the Food Crisis – The Real Solutions

Dokument | 8 juli, 2008 på 17:37

Millions of people around the world are suffering food shortages, unaffordable food prices and hunger, primarily due to industrial farming, bad harvests related to climate change, unjust terms of trade and the rush for biofuels. There is no...

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