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Mikroplast och miljögifter funna under expedition i Antarktis

Pressmeddelande | 7 juni, 2018 på 6:50

Laboratorieanalyser av snö- och havsvattenprover som samlats in under en nyligen genomförd Greenpeace-expedition till Antarktis avslöjar förekomst av såväl mikroplaster som svårnedbrytbara miljögifter på jordens mest avlägsna plats.

Toxic Tech: Not in Our Backyard - Uncovering the Hidden Flows of e-Waste

Dokument | 21 februari, 2008 på 10:04

A dangerous new waste stream is rapidly emerging. Greenpeace has commissioned the report, Toxic Tech: Not in Our Backyard, to investigate the global sales of electrical and electronic products and assess the amount of waste arising from this...

Substitute with Style - A toxic free sustainable lifestyle.

Dokument | 7 juli, 2005 på 0:00

Can we live a modern life free of toxic chemicals? Can businesses still compete if they eliminate hazardous substances from their brands? Many major companies have asked themselves these questions and concluded that a toxics-free future is the...

A Present for Life

Dokument | 9 augusti, 2005 på 0:00

Hazardous chemicals that are used in everyday household products end up in the bodies of unborn children via the mother. This study, conducted for Greenpeace and WWFUK by TNO, analysed blood samples donated by a number of women and confirmed...

Consuming Chemicals - Hazardous chemicals in house dust as an indicator of chemical...

Dokument | 1 maj, 2003 på 0:00

What this report shows is that chemicals that may present a long-term hazard to human health are present in significant amounts in virtually every one of over 100 homes we visited. Here then is a clue as to why levels are increasing,...

Toxic Lobby - How the chemicals industry is trying to kill REACH

Dokument | 4 maj, 2006 på 10:29

The REACH reform has become one of the most intensely lobbied pieces of legislation in EU history. This investigative report from Greenpeace shows how vested interests sought to first delay, attack and then undermine the aims and the substance of...

Fragile: Our reproductive health and chemical exposure

Dokument | 2 maj, 2006 på 0:00

This report collates the findings of a number of peer-reviewed scientific studies of recent years. Together, the studies show for the first time a comprehensive picture of an increase in reproductive health disorders, mirroring the rising...

Recycling of electronic waste in India and China

Dokument | 18 augusti, 2005 på 0:00

Summary of an investigation in to workplace and environmental contamination in electronic waste recycling yards in India and China.

Den bästa gåvan till föräldrar i hela världen

Artikel | 2 augusti, 2013 på 12:23

Det är ett stort steg framåt för Greenpeace, i vårt arbete mot farliga kemikalier, att Kina – världens största leksakstillverkare – nu inför nya säkerhetsstandarder för leksaker. De nya standarderna innebär stränga begränsningar i hur mycket...

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