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Sweden has a dirty secret

I demand that the Swedish pension funds adhere to the Paris climate agreement and stop investing in climate destruction

Sweden likes to be thought of as a leader in the fight for clean environment. It turns out that this image hides a dirty little secret.

Swedish state pension funds that collect money from all of the working citizens uses its money to invest in companies that destroy climate. This is done without any knowledge of the people whose money this actually is – the Swedish tax payers.

Swedish pension funds AP 1-4 invest thirteen BILLION kronor in climate destruction. Nearly half of the 100 biggest climate destroyers in the world have investments from Swedish pension funds. These include well know giant climate deniers like ExxonMobil as well as more unknown dirty companies like the Swedish Lundin Petroleum that is drilling for new oil in the Arctic.

Greenpeace in Sweden has now taken a stand – from now on it will no longer make payments to these pension funds. The money will be held in escrow, and only be released to the pension funds when these divest from climate destruction

Support our demand for the cleaning up of the Swedish pensions! Call on the Swedish government to shift pension fund investments from climate destruction to sustainable future

Give Swedish taxpayers as well as the whole planet a future to look forward to!