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Peaceful activists are stress testing Swedish nuclear power plants

Pressmeddelande - 9 oktober, 2012
More than 70 Greenpeace activists took action today in a peaceful stress test of two Swedish nuclear power plants. Activists require that minister Lena Ek, who is responsible for nuclear security, shut down these risky reactors immediately.

Activists on bicycles and nuclear power plant RInghalsAt 7:30 on Tuesday morning some 50 activists used ladders to climb into the Forsmark nuclear power plant in order to stress test security. At the same time some 20 activists, with the same purpose, entered the Ringhals nuclear power plant on bicycles.

- Today Greenpeace activists stress test the Swedish nuclear power plants to alert the public, the nuclear industry and minister Lena Ek on the serious safety deficiencies. The stress tests are conducted in a peaceful and responsible manner and show that nuclear expose people to unacceptable risks, says Annika Jacobson, programme manager of Greenpeace in Sweden.

After the Fukushima disaster EU conducted so-called stress tests of all of Europe's nuclear power plants. The results of these show that the old reactors have technical problems that can cause serious risks on safety and that safety authorities do not take it seriously enough. In addition, these tests have major flaws. For example, they do not address the safety preparedness for external threats or threats from the air, which is why Greenpeace activists are conducting additional stress tests.

Time and again, both Greenpeace and other nuclear experts have pointed out these shortcomings, but neither the nuclear industry nor the responsible minister Lena Ek (c), has taken sufficient action.

- We hope that the issue of security in the Swedish nuclear power plants from now on will be taken very seriously. Environment minister Lena Ek must ensure that the dangerous reactors are immediately removed from service, so that people and the environment are not exposed to the risks that the Swedish nuclear power present, says Annika Jacobson.

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Read the report Risky reactors, released last week, here (in Swedish):



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