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Fall-out from Swedish reactors

Sida - 2 oktober, 2012
Greenpeace Sweden today releases the report Risky Reactors – security issues with Swedish nuclear power plants.

The report concludes that the security problems of Swedish reactors are so urgent that they all need to be shut down immediately.

However, the nuclear reactors of Sweden are not an issue only relevant to the people of Sweden. A nuclear accident in Sweden may have severe consequences for its neighboring countries. Below we have listed maps of how the fall-out from Swedish reactors may hit Norway, Denmark and Finland. These are examples of what would have happened on the specific dates. Depending on the wind and other weather conditions the fall-out may differ.

The maps shows the spread of radioactive Caesium-137 and deposits per square metre are used as the indicator for contamination. Red is an extremely high and dangerous level of contamination. See below the official German advice for indication.

Modelling work has been done under the two year Austrian Flexible Tools for Assessment of Nuclear Risk in Europe (flexRISK) programme, conducted by the University of Natural Resources and Applied Life Sciences, Vienna.

Flex map.