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Whose Power Is IT Anyway- A Report on European Energy Suppliers

Dokument - 27 april, 2005
Every day we damage our climate by using fossil fuels (oil, coal and gas) for energy and transport. Climate change impacts our lives and is expected to destroy many natural environments in the coming years. Just ten big power companies control most of the EU’s electricity market. EdF, E.on, RWE, ENEL,Vattenfall, Electrabel, EnBW, Endesa, Iberdrola and British Energy are responsible for over 60% of the CO2 related to electricity production and more than 90% of Europe’s nuclear waste! Will these companies invest in our future? Will these companies help to prevent dangerous climate change? Or will these ten companies sacrifice our planet’s climate for short-sighted ‘shareholder’s value’? Greenpeace is urging those companies to think and act in favour of the longer term shareholder’s value – the next generation

Greenpeace activists fly a hot air balloon, with a banner arrow and SAVE THE CLIMATE message, over the 96 meter brown coal rotary excavator owned by RWE, Germanys second largest electricity utility, pointing at the industrys contribution to climate destruction

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