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Greenpeace Cyberactivists News 23 July 08

Quit Coal: Lead the Energy [R]evolution Ship Tour ทัวร์เรือ หยุดถ่านหิน ก้าวสู่การปฏิวัติพลังงาน Can't read this? Click here for Thai. Click here for English. Please save our e-mai address in your address book to prevent our newsletters ending up in your spam box.

23 July 2008
Rainbow Warrior

Dear Greenpeace activist, In a peaceful protest on 21 July, we challenged the Ministry of Energy (MOE) to stop construction of new coal power plants in Thailand and shift its resources to the development of clean renewable energy systems to help combat climate change and achieve national energy security. Please write a letter to the Energy Minister, demanding that she listens to the voice of the Thai people, and act now to save our planet and free Thailand from energy dependency. We filled the MOE headquarters with black and white balloons printed with the word "CO2" on them to symbolize carbon emissions from the construction of new coal power plants in Thailand. The technology and the required funds to lead an energy revolution are available. All that is required is the political will to deploy solutions. But the ministry wants to trap us in the cycle of dirty imported energy and its deadly impacts. That's why we need to get as many people as possible to demand that energy minister to put the best interests of Thai people in front of vested business interests. Click here to forward this message to your friends, so they, too, can sign the petition urging the government to include large investments in promoting and deploying clean, renewable energy from the sun, wind and biomass.

Together we can realize this energy revolution that heralds a cleaner brighter and energy independent Thailand. Tara Buakamsri Campaign Manager Greenpeace Southeast Asia

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