Activists e-newsletter 8 August 2008

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Greenpeace Activists e-newsletter 8 August 2008

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8 August 2008

Dear Greenpeace Activist/Supporter, Did you know that currently Southeast Asia ranks third highest in carbon dioxide emissions among developing countries, after China and India. Southeast Asia will increase its carbon dioxide emissions by 350 percent by 2050. You will agree that this is unacceptable in the face of warnings by scientists about the dire consequences if the total global greenhouse gas emissions are not cut to half by mid-century.

One of the solutions to energy security and climate change being promoted by some Energy Ministers of ASEAN countries during their annual AMEM meeting in Bangkok(5-8 August,2008) is nuclear energy. These countries and their ministers are trying to portray the 'nuclear option' as the only credible and realistic alternative to fossil fuels. Yet, even if the entire global fleet of nuclear power plants was to be doubled in number it would at best lead to a 5% cut in carbon dioxide emissions (CO2). And this would occur long after 2020 but when climate scientists say cuts need to have been made. That's far too little, far too late. And on top of this, the nuclear industry still has not solved its intrinsic problems of radioactive waste or dealt with the risks from possible accidents and/or attacks. On Tuesday, 5th August 2008, Greenpeace led a public demonstration "Don't Nuke ASEAN" to urge the ASEAN Ministers on Energy to take this fact on board while discussing the future energy pathway for the region at their annual meeting in Bangkok.About 50 Greenpeace activists and volunteers walked from MBK to Intercontinental Hotel where the AMEM summit is being held. Activists wore black glasses with the word "No Nuke", yellow nuclear radioactive containers and toxic prevention masks.

On Thursday, 7 August 2008, Greenpeace activists revisited the AMEM meeting again and painted a yellow/green pathway on the sidewalk leading to the Intercontinental Hotel, the venue fo the meeting, a massive arrow pointing in the direction of hotel entrance, urging ASEAN to "Lead the Energy [R]evolution". In addition, the team had banners, "Quit Coal", "Stop Nuclear" and a third one with our demand of ASEAN taking up a renewables target of 40% by 2020.

You will agree that the real solution for ensuring energy security and reverse dangerous climate change is clean, cheap and safe decentralised renewable energy and energy efficiency. Now is the time that the government tap the abundant renewable energy sources like wind, solar, biomass and geothermal energy.

If you agree but have not yet signed our Lead the Energy [R]evolution petition then you should do so now and also inform your friends about it.

Thank you,

Chuchai Monkolwisut Supporter Services Manage Greenpeace Southeast Asia

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