Greenpeace statement on Thailand 'Yellow Card' sanction lifting

ข่าวประชาสัมพันธ์ - มกราคม 9, 2562
Bangkok, Thailand, 9 January 2019 - Greenpeace has welcomed the European Commission’s (EC) decision to lift the ‘Yellow Card’ sanction against Thailand following the ratification of C188 – Work in Fishing Convention.[1] It’s almost four years (April 2015) since the EC gave the Royal Thai Government an official warning for its failure to combat ‘Illegal, Unreported and Unregulated’ fishing (IUU fishing).

Tara Buakamsri, Country Director of Greenpeace Thailand said: “We applaud the Thai government for taking the necessary and essential steps towards reform in the Thai fishing industry. It is imperative that private, public and third sector stakeholders both in and outside of Thailand all continue to take responsibility and work together to ensure that only sustainable and ethically produced Thai seafood reaches shelves, freezers, sushi bars, and cat bowls around the world”

“While real progress is being made, we believe Thailand’s fisheries reforms will only be truly effective with the actual implementation and eventual elimination of outdated and unlawful practices adopted by some unscrupulous, exploitative and destructive operators within Thailand’s fishing industry.”

“We will continue the fight against IUU fishing in Thailand and Southeast Asia with Thailand now at the helm of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN). Together with our coalition partners, we will keep a watchful eye on those who may look to exploit loopholes in the legislation and work to encourage neighbouring countries to adopt similar reforms.” [2]

[1] Ratifying C188  – Work in Fishing Convention sends a strong message to the European Union (EU) and the broader international community that Thailand is making the necessary and essential reforms needed to lift the yellow card and release any EU market restrictions on Thai seafood.

[2] “The Thai Civil Society’s Coalition for Sustainable and Ethical Seafood” (Thai CSO Coalition) is the first forum of its kind for directly affected local people to discuss and work closely with 14 labour and environmental organisations of the Thai Civil Society’s Coalition. The mission of the Thai CSO coalition is to identify the root causes of problems, to deliver constructive solutions, and to raise awareness of and campaign for the elimination of unsustainable and unethical fishing throughout the production chain, from sea to plate. The coalition needs to encourage the government and private sector to change both policies and practices in an attempt to protect labour rights and marine ecosystems, as well as, provide solutions and play a key role in close monitoring practices at a local level.

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