Greener Electronics PHILIPS Ranking - 11th Edition

สิ่งพิมพ์ - มีนาคม 31, 2552
Philips soars up the ranking from 15th place to 4th, scoring 5.7, because the penalty point incurred a year ago (v.7) has now been lifted; this was incurred for regressive lobbying against the principle of Individual Producer Responsibility (IPR) initially in the US and then in an EU consultation on the revision of the WEEE Directive. Philips now supports IPR and is committed to actively work towards developing IPR based recycling systems and their supporting financial mechanisms; it doesn’t score more points on this criterion yet, because it now has to put this commitment into practice. Philips also scores a point for its voluntary take-back and for reporting on the recycling rate of the e-waste it collects in Europe and now needs to demonstrate its commitment to taking responsibility for its own e-waste by expanding its take-back programme and improving the information that its provides to its customers.

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