"PVC, Fatalatlar ve AB Yönetmeliği" (İngilizce)

Rapor - 5 Şubat, 2005
Greenpeace Fransa Toksik Maddeler Kampanya Sorumlusu Yannick Vicaire'in, 22. Tekstil Makineleri ve Yan Sanayii Fuarı kapsamındaki sunumu

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Executive summary: 'The immediate concern is… that man and the environment are potentially exposed to a large number of chemical substances for which the hazardous properties have not been identified and/or risks have not been assessed.' SEC(1998) 'The widespread presence of small amounts of many chemicals… is causing increasing concern, because... they may contribute to cancer, allergies, impacts on reproduction and the immune response system, and neurotoxic effects'. EEA

Num. pages: 44