What you can do

Take action now by writing directly to the top 5 corporations found polluting Canada with plastic. Demand Nestlé, Tim Hortons, Starbucks, McDonald’s and Coca-Cola ditch single-use packaging and tell them to join the Reuse Revolution!

1Call out the companies publicly on Twitter

Big companies like Nestlé, Tim Hortons, Starbucks, McDonald’s and Coca-Cola, are talking a lot of “green” talk and are spreading their message through social media. Yet they are still trashing the planet with single-use plastics. Call them out on Twitter and demand they join the Reuse Revolution.

Tips: Instagram is a good platform too! Why not tag them next time you find their branded trash on the street or in nature? Don’t forget to add #IsThisYours to your post!

2Add a public review about the polluters on Google

It’s all about reputation. Would you go to a restaurant or a bar that has terrible reviews? Share how the Top 5 polluters are trashing our planet on the Internet by rating them on Google. Don’t forget to add a comment as well!

3Email the companies’ customer service

Flood the Top Polluters’ customer service with emails to tell them we don’t want their single-use packaging anymore. We need reusable alternatives!

Here are some of the key messages you can use in your email:

Don’t forget… be polite!

Keep us posted: forward us the companies’ feedback to your comments at the email address [email protected]