You already sent an email to the premiers of the provinces and territories asking them to protect boreal caribou habitat. What if you were to call them out publicly and expose their lack of action?

That’s why we’re asking you to post on the Facebook pages of the provincial Premiers. The more of us take action, the bigger our impact — like earlier this year when thousands of us spoke out and stopped the Val d’Or caribou from ending up in a zoo.

Protecting Caribou goes beyond conservation of biodiversity: by taking steps to better protect woodland caribou and their habitat, provincial governments can help forest companies respond to the growing demand for sustainable products.

Here are the Facebook pages of the different premiers we’re petitioning to protect caribou:

Here is a message you can post (or write your own to have the biggest impact):

Caribou has been listed as a threatened species for 15 years — but provinces and territories authorities are STILL failing to protect them. There’s a huge public outcry from scientists, Indigenous communities, environmental organizations, influencing authors, big companies (Ben and Jerry’s and others) — and even the federal government in its latest report! Please act now and protect caribou habitat in your province.

Thank you for taking action. Follow us on social media and spread message to protect caribou.