Ask your Premier publicly about their plans to save Canada’s woodland caribou and other species at risk.  Just last week, the Quebec government announced they will let the Val-d’Or caribou herd die-off. This sad story is a a wake-up call for all provincial premiers:  they must listen to the best available scientific and Indigenous knowledge to protect woodland caribou, their habitat and the boreal forest.

Tell your Premier to act NOW!

But protecting the boreal forest has value beyond saving our endangered species : by taking steps to better protect woodland caribou and their habitat, we will also protect one of the world’s largest carbon stores and help the fight against climate change.

That’s why we’re asking you to post on the Facebook pages of the provincial Premiers. The more of us take action, the bigger our impact.

To contact  your own Premier directly, it’s easy: go to their page, find their latest post, then comment on it. You can either use our message suggestions below, or write your own!

Here are the Facebook pages of the different premiers we’re petitioning to protect caribou.

Key message you can use (or write your own to have the biggest impact):

  • Woodland caribou have been listed as a threatened species in Canada for 15 years. How will you ensure that they will escape the same fate as Quebec’s Val-d’Or herd, recently condemned to extinction  by the Quebec government?

  • We are hearing a lot of talk but not seeing a lot of action - what are you doing about the crisis in our forests and the decline of woodland caribou in your province?

  • What are the Indigenous-lead proposals to protect the forest and the woodland caribou that your government is supporting on the ground?

  • What is your deadline for showing us plans to protect caribou habitat that the public expects and which your government has a legal responsibility to deliver?

  • Please act now and protect caribou habitat in our province.

Thank you for taking action! You can also spread the news about the Val,d’Or caribou and ask your friends to sign our petition on Facebook or Twitter.