Help defend the Amazon and save our future

Right now fires rage across the Amazon, killing millions of species and contributing to the rapid loss of earth’s biodiversity.

These forest fires are no accident —the world’s largest rainforest is being deliberately burned for profit by land grabbers who want to clear space to raise more cattle to feed the global demand for cheap beef.

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Burning Amazon

About the Amazon

Life depends on the Amazon. The largest rainforest on earth is home to more plant and animal species than any other ecosystem and produces 20% of the world’s oxygen. We must keep the Amazon rainforest standing!

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Cattle farming in the Amazon

No burning for beef

Fires in the Amazon are being deliberately set to clear land to raise cattle and produce crops to feed the global demand for cheap beef. This must stop!

How your monthly gifts help

Your monthly support is essential to helping Greenpeace defend the Amazon rainforest.


Monitor and investigate environmental wrongdoings.

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You help us investigate environmental damage and crimes, as well as those responsible.


Document deforestation and environmental threats.

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You help us conduct monitoring flights over the Amazon region every year and document the extent of the fires.


Shine a light on environmental damage and expose those responsible.

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You help us expose and denounce deforestation in the Amazon region and expose the damage caused by illegal fires.


Inspire people to use their voice and take action to defend the environment.

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You help us demand actions from those who can solve the problem and create movements for change.


Pressure authorities, companies and governments to make change.

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As an independent, non-partisan organization, we put pressure on responsible governments and authorities to protect the Amazon.

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