Senior Action Campaigner

工作 - 2014-06-09
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Job title: Senior Action Campaigner
Valid from: 31 March 2014
Job grade: 4
Reports to: Head of Communication & Action Team
Line manages: N/A

Overall purpose of the job
The senior action campaigner is primarily responsible for furthering GPEA's campaign objectives through developing and executing innovative and effective actions under the leadership of Project Leaders, and assist the Line Manager in developing action capacity.

The Senior Action Campaigner is working under the Communication & Action Unit in mainland China, to carry out actions for specific projects, including but not limited to planning, execution, activists management, coordination, logistics, budget control and legal assessment. S/he will work closely with others in the Project Team, under the leadership of the Project Leader. S/he also has to assist the Line Manager in developing Greenpeace's capability to carry out innovative and effective actions.

Major functions / responsibilities
- Conceptual tasks, Strategy development and/or Project management
- Monitor the trend of action tactics from both domestically and internationally, provide suggestions for the organizational development and directions related to Non-violent direct actions, seek capacity building to meet those development.
- Play a leading role in promoting the effective integration of action with campaign and communications.
- Explore and identify opportunities, tools or methods in actions, which can support campaign goals.

- Other tasks per request from line manger.
- Make estimation on budget, time and capacity required to carry out an action, or event or a training. Make proper suggestion and proactively knowledge-base advice conversation with other related staff.
- Play a critical role in communication with external audience, alliance or volunteers on action related issues, which spread the values and positive image of Greenpeace.
- Play a critical role in communication and coordination between action with communication and campaign.
- Carry out actions, activities or events from conceptual development, planning, execution to evaluation, which be an inherent part of a project and strongly support in achieving campaign goals, and take in account of the local culture and tradition.
- Provides leadership and action expertise in the development of the campaign strategies focusing on actions, events and activities tactics in the campaign strategies.
- Participate in project planning and provide effective practical inputs from the action perspective.

Support/ Coaching/ Leadership
- Provide or lead in organize action related trainings and skillshare to enhance the action capacity of the team and the whole organization.
- Work with Unit head to contract and coordinate skilled staff and non-staff activists in action and logistics coordination roles for projects and events.
- Engage fellow Action Campaigners with new action opportunities, ideas and projects within campaigns and facilitate involvement of team members in brainstorms and generation of ideas.
- Be the liaison between CAT and Campaigns in on-going development and coordination of direct action and field event that support campaign goals and strategies.
- Be the liaison and contact point among the Greenpeace family related to action.
- Manage and maintain the rapid response related equipment and ensure they are always ready.

Compliance/ Keeping Framework Conditions
- Budget control per required.
- Develop the protocols of action planning and implementation and ensure they are properly followed.
- Build and improve the Rapid Response capacity for the organization, develop Rapid response protocols and make sure they are properly followed.

Competency profile
- Organization competencies
- Professionalism, in particular meet deadlines and carry out the tasks under high pressure and timebonding in certain circumstance
- Achievement
- Interpersonal relationship, in particular ablity to collaborate and smooth team work
- Knowledge sharing
- Values diversity
- Innovation, in particular creative use of technology, tools and equipment

Functional competencies
- Knowledge and/or experience in budget management
- Ability to understand legal issues necessary/useful for the job
- Knowledge and/or experience in conflict resolution
- Knowledge and/or experience in public engagement (mobilization of people)
- Knowledge and/or experience in/with in managing volunteers and developing volunteerism
- Understanding of the roles that science, politics, economics, industry, media and social change play in campaigning.
- Knowledge and/or experience in cyberactivism
- Fluency in written and spoken English
- Knowledge and/or experience in non-violent direct action
- Fluency in written and spoken native language

Method related
- Risk (legal, reputation, communication impact) assessement
- Ability to evaluate and assess
- Planning & Organizing
- Training skills (teach, mentor and coach)
- Project management
- Presentation and reporting skills
- Budgeting (preparing, presenting, monitoring)
- Decision making

Social/self competencies
- Resilient and determined
- Ability to motivate and instill passion
- Intellectual ability to understand technical issues necessary/useful for the job
- Assertive
- Intellectual ability to understand legal issues necessary/useful for the job
- Being a team player
- Build and manage relationships with supporters

Leadership competencies
- Planning & Organizing

- Stress resistance
- Flexibility
- Proactiveness and self motivation.
- Collaborative
- Enthusiasm

Specific Work Environment
- The post holder works in a standard office environment, and is required to travel to other
Greenpeace offices, campaign locations or locations where environmental problems require the presence of Greenpeace representatives.
- Have to strictly follow the confidential policy under specific situation
- On call beyond working hours per emergency requirement
- Able to work under pressure and in mentally or physically challenging situations

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