We are looking for someone who is familiar with either solar systems or basic electricity, the current opportunity requires someone who is already skilled and not someone who would like to learn as this job also involves health and safety risks. This person would also ideally be able to transfer her/his knowledge of how the solar system works further to some of our key volunteers and activists which will be using it for different purposes in the future.

The current solar system which was built in-house is not in a functioning state because of some issues with batteries. If possible, we would either re-built the existing one or with some useful advice even upgrade it as the one we have is not that practical to transport.

The internship would be ideally in our warehouse, which is located in Kbely and we could set a regular hours which would be spent there or we could agree with the intern that we transport all the material needed to some other more suitable location (perhaps their garage, workshop or something similar).

The duration of the internship depends on our agreement and how long the person needs for the solar system to be repaired.

Any expenses that are related with the project are covered by Greenpeace, this includes transportation tickets to and from warehouse, any additional material needed for the solar system upgrade + chocolate and coffee/tea to keep the intern full of energy

If you are interested in this position, please contact Maja Horvat [email protected]

Greenpeace  is  an  inclusive  and  diversity-friendly  employer.  We  value  difference,  promote equality and challenge discrimination, enhancing our organisational capability. We welcome and  encourage  applications  from  people  of  all  backgrounds  and  do  not discriminate  on  the basis  of  disability,  race,  colour,  ethnicity,  gender,  religion,  sexual  orientation,  age  or  any other category protected by law.