Live: Hong Kong Air Quality Levels

The following maps and graphs, updated every hour, show the levels of pollutants from all 15 monitoring stations around Hong Kong as compared to the World Health Organization's guidelines for each pollutant. This helps illustrate whether the air you're breathing in Hong Kong is safe by WHO standards. WHO standards are much stricter than Hong Kong's own air quality standards.

And please take note of the following health hazards caused by air pollution when levels exceed WHO standards:

  • Irritated lungs, suppressed immune system and increased risk of respiratory infections (such as influenza). People with respiratory problems are most at risk of the effects of nitrogen dioxide.
  • Irritated nasal passage and mucus in the larynx and windpipe. Symptoms include coughing, chest ache and stabbing pains in the eyes and throat.
  • A weak respiratory system can cause severe deterioration of health in those with preexisting illnesses such as bronchitis and heart disease.

Click on any of the 15 air pollution monitoring stations to see a local reading

The latest updates


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Meet Beijing's 12-year-old air pollution inspector

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A recent news report on CCTV covered China's PM2.5 air pollution debate, featuring our climate and energy campaigner Zhou Rong, as well as a very cute 12-year-old volunteer air inspector in Beijing.

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PM2.5 is a measurement of small particulate matter in the air, and until now its omission from official air quality readings has been a major hurdle in solving China's air pollution crisis. After all, how can you solve a crisis when according to...

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With the rise of China's middle class comes a demand for improved quality of life. So its little wonder air pollution is an ongoing 'hot topic' in Mainland China and Hong Kong, and with it how exactly the government is monitoring air...

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Hong Kong air pollution affects all of us. That's why we've created a new iPhone application that lets you check air quality. Anytime. Anywhere.

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Analysis of coal ash from the CLP’s power generation

Publication | 2005-10-03 at 6:00

In August 2005, Greenpeace East Asia continued our air pollution monitoring mission in the coal-fired power plants in Hong Kong. We collected coal fly ash samples from the ash lagoons and a cement plant, and obtained an analysis report from an...

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