Safeguarding Food & Agriculture

Greenpeace is campaigning for safe, ecological agriculture that's good for the planet and good for people.

China has one of the world's greatest agricultural dilemmas: it must feed over one-fifth of the world's population on just a fraction of the world's land.

Unfortunately, China has adopted an unsustainable solution: a chemical-intensive system of agriculture, with high levels of chemical pesticide and fertiliser use. What's more, our food supply is also threatened by genetically engineered foods – a move that would gamble with the health of millions of people.

Greenpeace is working in China and Hong Kong to protect our food from dangerous chemicals and genetically engineered ingredients, for the sake of our families and our future.

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Unborn babies are exposed in the womb to

Image | 2003-04-23 at 7:00

Unborn babies are exposed in the womb to synthetic chemicals.

Bolivians with their home grown potatoes

Image | 2001-06-01 at 7:00

Bolivians with their home grown potatoes.

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