Friday round-up highlighting the news and commentary of the week:

Tianjin Explosion: at least 50 dead and hundreds injured in China port explosion[Guardian]  

Footage of the blasts that ripped through a port in Tianjin on Wednesday circulated around the world this week. Over 50 people died and over 700 were injured and made homeless as firefighters struggled to put out fires following the two blasts. The exact cause of the disaster is still unknown as authorities have moved in to investigate the site. Greenpeace responded to the tragedy, expressing concerns over potential effects of the chemicals that were released by the blasts. Across China hundreds lined up  to donate blood and monetary donations have been flooding in to China’s Red Cross over the past two days.

More coverage from New York Times, Time and the Telegraph.

China’s pollution is travelling to the United States [Think Progress]

China’s air pollution is traveling across the Pacific Ocean to the United States, according to a new study. The report published in Nature Geoscience, found that the ozone, which can contribute to respiratory problems when inhaled, has been making its way from China to the western United States. The authors have emphasized the need for a global solution to regional air quality and pollution problems.

China to spend trillions on ‘Green Tech’ [Forbes]

The Chinese government has revealed plans to spend over 2.5 trillion USD on clean energy over the next 15 years. As well as further investment in renewable energy, regional initiatives are also springing into action, including a plan for the Shanghai Police to replace all their vehicles with low-carbon alternatives.

NASA: Beijing Quadrupled in size in 10 years [Live Science]

Researchers at NASA and Stanford University have discovered that Beijing quadrupled in size between 2000 and 2009. As well as additional stress on resources that came with the increase in population, researchers also found that the actual infrastructure has increased ozone pollution at ground level.

 Air pollution in China is killing 4,000 people every day, a new study finds [Guardian]

Physicists at California’s University of Berkley released rather bleak news today. They have calculated that 1.6 million people in China die each year from lung and heart complications linked to pollution-that’s 4,000 every day. The study, to be published in PLOS One, larges blames coal emissions for the associated health problems.