Chromium dumpsite

Recently an in-depth report from SBS Dateline looked into China's toxic wastepiles, and featured the work of Greenpeace including an interview with our Head of Toxics, campaigner Ma Tianjie.

The Chinese government claims it's making serious efforts to clean up pollution, and in the densely populated cities it appears to be having success. But does it just mean the most toxic industries are being moved to sparsely populated rural areas?

Adrian Brown reports from two farming communities which have been labelled 'cancer villages'.

Untreated industrial waste poisoning the water supply is being blamed for an increase in cancer cases, which are up to four times the global average. One couple tell Adrian that they've lost not only their 15-year-old son, but their entire livelihood, because their animals and land have been poisoned by a chromium dump.

With over 500 similar areas identified across the country by campaigners, what is being done to stop the growth of China's pollution cancer?

Watch the full video report.