Rainbow Warrior III

Rainbow Warrior III

Eemshaven power plant action

Pictured above is the third incarnation of our beloved vessel the Rainbow Warrior. She had her first public action today, at the building site of the RWE/Essent coal plant, soon to be the largest in the Netherlands. The plant is under construction despite huge environmental risks and invalid building permits. We've invited CEO of Essent/RWE Peter Terium to board the ship in the hope that the new energy efficient Rainbow Warrior of Greenpeace will inspire RWE to choose renewable energy.

More about the ship's unique sustainable design:

The new Rainbow Warrior is the first ship that was sustainably designed, tested and built for Greenpeace. The unique A-frame masts carry 1260 m2 of sail, helping keep her carbon footprint to a minimum and making her one of the most environmentally friendly vessels in her class. The ship is designed to sail 70 percent of the time, supported by electro-motors. The coating of the ship is toxic-free and the bow is designed for extremely low water resistance. She is the first yacht of this size which can carry a helicopter and two fast boats for actions.

The Netherlands is, by no means, the only country to be dependent on dirty coal energy. More than 70 percent of China's energy is supplied by coal, which in turn contributes 80 percent of the country's carbon dioxide emissions. (Read more about the problem of coal in China.)

We know which sight we prefer:

Rainbow Warrior III Coal in China