GE soy

There are some foods that are just too important to mess with. In China, that's soybean. And yet every day we are seeing the security of this vital staple food become slowly eroded by the introduction of genetically engineered soy.

Soybean cultivation in China has a history of 5,000 years, and in that time China's annual consumption of this loved and extraordinarily versatile food has reached more than 60 million tons. However, China's production capacity is just a fraction of this, with the rest imported.

In 2011, for example, China imported over 52 million tons of soybean, and 80% of that soy was genetically engineered. Imported, genetically modified soybeans threaten the country's food security. Yet the large, multinational, biotech companies that support them are still trying to force their inventions on us, purely for commercial gain.

The long-term health effects of GE crops have not been properly researched and, by cross-pollinating with non-GE crops and wild plants, they replicate themselves and contaminate the environment with genetic pollution that is impossible to clean up.

Oh and did we mention, in China the government does NOT allow for the cultivation of genetically modified soybeans.

This year we conducted testing on soy products from two companies in China. And now we're urging Health Food Company Jiangsu Systems and Southern Guangxi Black Sesame Food Company to stop using genetically modified raw materials as soon as possible.

Send this email to these two companies and together we can send a clear message that GE soybean in China is simply not acceptable.

Image (cc) Luz Adriana Villa A.