Climate Week: a big New York party

Feature Story - 2009-09-17
Everyone who’s anyone is going to be there. Chinese President Hu Jintao, US President Barack Obama, United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon and Greenpeace China for starters.


The picture-postcard New York skyline: the city is hosting climate week Sep 20-25

New York is gearing up for Climate Week -- a big climate party including street theatre, movie premieres, music, rallies, and discussions -- designed to shake up world leaders on climate change, as more than 100 heads of state gather in the city for the UN General Assembly (UNGA).

This UNGA is a bit special

UN chief Ban Ki-Moon has made the unprecedented decision to convene a special climate summit one day before the UNGA because so little progress has been made on a global plan to stop climate change.

This climate summit is the crucial event.

It's the one to watch, especially if you're interested in what China is going to say.

A senior Chinese official has already said that Hu will present how he will tackle climate change at that climate summit in New York.

It's the last time so many heads of state will meet together to discuss climate change before the make-or-break Copenhagen summit in December where a global plan to stop climate change must be agreed on.

Climate Week highlights

Greenpeace China will be there and we will bring you all the latest news and actions as they happen.

Here's a breakdown of the top events to watch out for (all times are local, add 12 hours if you are in China):

Sunday September 20

Human Countdown: Thousands of people will converge in Central Park to make a human clock. The message: Time is running out to stop climate change.

Monday September 21

Global Wake-up call: At 12:18pm the alarm will be sounded. Confused? Come back and find out what this is on the day.

Age of Stupid: This fabulous new documentary will be screened in a solar tent in downtown Manhattan at 7:30pm. Kofi Annan and Radiohead have a ticket. Come back to our site and we'll sneak you into the tent.

Tuesday September 22

UN Climate Summit: This is the big day when heads of state will discuss the climate for one day. We will bring you reactions to what is happening inside and outside the UN building. Heads up: President Hu is expected to make a big announcement.

Greenpeace is partnering with Tck Tck Tck during Climate Week and up to the Copenhagen summit. Tck Tck Tck is a global alliance of civil society which is calling on heads of state to go to Copenhagen and stop climate change with a strong, effective and fair deal.