Doubled Food Brands Go GE-Free

New edition of "Shoppers' Guide to Avoiding GE Food" launched

Feature Story - 2005-09-15
While consumers in Mainland China enjoy the rights of being informed over GE foods as the government is practicing mandatory labeling, Hong Kong people have no idea on what is contained in the food that we consume everyday.

Cover page of the Shoppers' Guide to Avoding GE Food 2005

In order to provide Hong Kong people with information about the GE content in food products, we have been publishing and distributing the complimentary "Shoppers' Guide to Avoiding GE Food" since 2001.

Today we launched the 2005 edition of the "Shoppers' Guide to Avoiding GE-Food". As Mid-autumn Festival is coming, information about moon cakes is also included in this edition. We are glad to know that two famous moon cake brands, Wing Wah and Kee Wah, have promised to phase out GE-ingredients in their products.  In the last few months, we discovered illegal GE rice is being grown and sold in Hubei, therefore the information about rice is also added into the guide.

To mark the launch of the guide, Legco members, Mr. Fred Li and Ms. Chan Yuen Han, distributed the shoppers' guides to the public in Mongkok this afternoon.

Greenpeace launches the fourth edition of it's 'Shoppers Guide to Avoiding GE Food' in a busy Mongkok shopping street supported by LegCo members Chan Yuen Han and Fred Li ahead of the mid-Autumn Festival. More brands than ever before have gone 'GE-Free' including famous mooncake brands Wing Wah and Kee Wah.

More food producers have joined the growing 'GE-free Team' and have agreed not to use genetically engineered ingredients in their products. This year, 248 food brands committed to go GE-free.

We have sent letters to enquire about the ingredients in 546 food items across 450 brands. 248 brands have promised not to use GE ingredients. Famous brands like Master Kong, Ovaltine, Trappist, Eatwell, Mr. Juicy, and Watsons have also joined the 'Green Team'. Greenpeace will keep an eye on the irresponsible food companies who did not commit to going GE free, including Nestle, Four Seas and Calbee.

Shoppers' guides are now available in bookstores such as Greenfield, Chingwin and Bookland. You may also contact us at 2854 8300 for the guide or download it from our website.