GE food that really takes the biscuit

Feature Story - 2008-11-26
There’s a type of snack food in China called “Delicious,” but look closely at the ingredients and it’s not as delicious as you might think.

These wholewheat biscuits from Fujian Dali Food aren't as healthy as you'd think. GE soy is listed in the ingredients.

These high fibre wheat bran biscuits with the pretty model on the front waving a fistful of grain are made with an extract of genetically-engineered (GE) soy.

GE labelling has long been mandatory in China.

The list of ingredients on these biscuits made by Fujian Dali Food clearly list lecithin from GE soy. Lecithin is a raising agent.

There's lots of research that shows GE food can cause irreversible damage to the environment and that they present a serious health risk to humans.

Check out our recent story about how GE corn messes up fertility in mice (No need for condoms -- GE corn can do the job).

Greenpeace China asks Dali to say 'No' to GE

"Greenpeace China urges Dali Group to respect their consumers' wishes and immediately stop using GE ingredients," says Wu Haiyan, Food & Agriculture campaigner.

We also asked our Chinese supporters to write to Fujian Dali Food to request them to stop using GE soy extract in their "Delicious" biscuits.

So many of you sent emails that the Dali email box jammed up!

When we contacted Dali to ask them to stop using GE ingredients, they refused, saying they were not breaking any government regulations.

Join the 'No GE' club

Many companies operating in China have already said they will not use GE ingredients.

So far around 140 food producers operating in China have pledged not to use GE including major corporations such as Coca-Cola, Danone, Carlsberg, Pepsi-Cola and Master Kong.

So why not Dali?

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