The Beijing Organic Guide 2008 is out!

Feature Story - 2008-06-30
Ever wonder where you can get organic food in Beijing? Greenpeace's Beijing Organic Guide 2008 will help you locate the nearest source for your organic grocery shopping.

The newest edition of the Beijing Organic Guide

With over 60 purveyors of organic produce and food products, including organic farms, supermarkets, restaurants, agents, websites, urban-rural mutual aid organizations, and more, our guide aims to promote the organic lifestyle here in the capital city.

Download the list of addresses here (pdf)

Organic Guide overview

Organic food does not use any chemical pesticides, synthetic fertilizers, growth hormone or artificial food additives throughout its growth and processing. GMO and its by-products are also not used for organic food. Organic food is the smarter choice for you and for the environment.

Greenpeace commissioned Ipsos Marketing to conduct a survey on consumers in Beijing in January 2008. Results show that:

  • 68% of consumers buy organic food
  • 80% of consumers state that they definitely would buy organic food in the future
  • 92% of consumers buy organic food in supermarkets or mega- marts
  • 93% of consumers choose organic food primarily for safety and health reasons

More and more consumers are choosing to enjoy organic products. Do you want to know where to buy organic food in Beijing?

The 2008 Beijing Organic Guide lists over 60 organic food suppliers in the region of Beijing, including farms, franchise stores and restaurants. Greenpeace would like to help you find organic food near you! Be a part of our movement for better health and environment!

More details about where to buy organic products in Beijing:

And check out our handy FAQ.


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How we work:

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We investigate, expose and confront the global threat posed by industrial agriculture to the natural environment and food security.

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