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Uni students in China take action against forest-destroying multinational

Day of action against Asia Pulp & Paper (APP)

Feature Story - 2005-03-28
Environment-conscious university students staged a 'Day of Action' in 6 cities across China to pressurise wood and paper multinational, Asia Pulp & Paper (APP), to halt their destructive logging practices in Yunnan Province. The students are exercising their right of choice by refusing to buy APP's paper products until APP come clean about their Yunnan operation and open it to scientific reassessment, halt their illegal activities and pledge to protect China's natural forests.

University students in China say 'No' to APP products

The student groups positioned themselves in front of supermarket shelves stocking APP products in 6 cities across China - Hefei, Beijing, Nanning, Lanzhou, Harbin and Chengdu - and informed shoppers about APP's destructive logging operation in Yunnan. The students are demanding that APP:

Tell the truth about their illegal logging operation in Yunnan and halt their destruction of natural forest;

Pledge to protect China's natural forests; and

Scientifically reassess the Yunnan project.

Join the Action Now! Tell APP you won't buy forest-destruction

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Join the Action Now! Tell APP you won't buy forest-destruction